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Christina first made her debut as a stripper in 2008 in Portland Oregon when she was in college and danced for a few years. She took a long break to pursue yoga and have a child. In 2015 she decided to go back to stripping. Christina has always been a vivid story teller, inspired by the world around her. Beside the art of sexy seduction, she is a devoted mother, wife, lover, friend, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt and, yogini.

“What I love about this job, is the people I work with. I am inspired by the creative ambitious spirits that grace the dark nights and early mornings. I am inspired to create this project because I know that the workers of the sex industry are magical, and I want to help break down the stigma that is heavily piled on top of the term SEX WORKER. This industry has provided for my family. This job has allowed me to spend time doing the things that set my heart on fire and its shown me freedom. I learn from these woman, I grow with them, I cry and laugh with them. I am proud to stand with us. I am proud of the mysticism that runs through our bodies. I feel that the more united we are, the greater we become. Each event we host ties back to our foundational mission, and I consider my contributions to be my small way of helping advance our cause.”

CHIP DUGGAN, MFA - Director of Cinematography


Being the only male in multiple women’s studies classes for his undergrad, Chip quickly learned the true inequalities between genders. He majored in film, philosophy and fine art for his BA. During these classes it opened up his understanding of his own masculinity and how he related to women. It was profound to hear other woman judge the choices of other women. Learning to defend other women in a feminist class was an eye opening experience. 


Also, after dating a few people in the sex industry, Chip admired the confidence and hard work; the work being to combat not only what happens in the sex industry but to combat gender inequality and sexual abuse. He moved up to Portland because of the cities reputation of progressive sexuality. 


In Portland, it was yoga that brought Chip and the founder of The Stripper Project together. He fell deeply in love with Tina and admired her courage, her strength and conviction in her industry. He was impressed how she provided for her entire family and the power of her career in dancing. Hearing stories about what was said and what was done at strip clubs was sobering and the amount of work and dedication that this job requires seemed obviously misunderstood. Because of his intimate relationship with the industry, Chip feels the need to be a part of humanizing this industry to stand for his family. His experience has been a journey into adamantly supporting all sex workers. The creative skills learned in his academic career and many years of professional filmmaking, Chip has dedicated his time and energy to sharing the stories of his partner and all of the wonderful people in the sex worker industry.



Amanda has always craved the beauty of suspense and promiscuity and dancing was exciting enough to keep her attention. Over the past 10 years she has danced on and off, balancing the strip club work with her passions of cosmetology and her beloved son. Dancing allowed her the financial freedom to show up fully for the people in her life. Amanda thrives in the behind the scenes and visual arts of The Stripper Project and her beauty expertise brings ease to all of our advocates.

“I am this platform. I am in creation of creating an image for this community the way this community feels and sees themselves. I feel the support from the woman around me when I'm in the strip club. I was always an athlete so team connection comes natural to me. I care about people that I interact with. I feel the benefit that they receive from me, and the support that I receive from them. I love to work behind the scenes. Making people feel wonderful is what I do. The world seems to want us to walk in shame and if that’s the true, we will hold our heads high and I will make sure that we STUN the entire way.”

Axel Wright - Creative Director & Executive Producer


Axel has been working in the creative field for over 20 years. When approached with this project, Axel had no hesitation with jumping on board. Although Axel has never worked in the sex industry, he is a huge supporter of creating change so that sex workers can thrive and have safe working conditions.

“I see how hard people in this industry work and it inspires me. It is an injustice and disservice to discredit these powerful people because of social normality to fear any sexually empowered being. The reason why I decided to do this project was because I believe in the greatness of this community and I believe that we can do better as a whole, embracing people without our preconceived notions. We all have something to learn from a sex worker. The Stripper Project will help us in the movement forward.”

Renee Nies - Executive Assistant