Moe Gohlmann BYO Magic

Moe is a growing business owner of BYO magic. She started dancing at a local strip club and became a bartender where she now works to fund her dreams. 10 years in the industry inspired her to create body self care products based around ritualistic routines.

“ I started this witchy journey about 2 years in an effort to embody my true self and claim my power. I have been a Bartender at a local strip club for the better part of 10 years, I started there as a dancer. Part of what inspired me to create BYOMagic was the amazing, magical, powerful women that I work with. We all come from trauma, we all come from lots of broken pieces glued back together, and every one of us has a similar story. We are all resilient as fuck! We are all powerful and full of love. We all speak our truth and give no fucks. We are the modern witches of today. And our mission is to heal ourselves and heal the world through the lives we touch. I found Witchcraft as a way to heal myself, and a way to find myself. And I want to make that as easily accessible as possible to everyone. Be Your Own Magic infuses modern witchcraft into a simple Self Care routine. Self care is so important, and Magical self care is even better. I am so grateful to be a part of this project and to be able to share about my life and Magical journey.” —Moe Gohlmann

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Valerie Stunning

From dank tittie bars to opulent theaters, Val has been getting naked across the U.S. and abroad for the better part of a decade. 

When not capitalizing off of her proud pussy magic,

She writes a blog celebrating pleasure for pleasure's sake, advocating for the destigmatization & decriminalization of all consensual Sex Work and answering questions from inquisitive Sex Workers & Allies.

She loves smutty photos, bougie ice cream and sipping tequila poolside. 

Christina Najera
Jacq The Stripper

Jacqueline Frances is a Canadian stripper, comedian, artist and author. Born in Ontario in 1987, Frances was a passionate dancer and painter from toddlerhood. She attended McGill University from 2006 to 2009, where she majored in Russian Literature and Cultural Theory. After graduating, Frances worked in advertising for a few months before throwing it all away to travel to Southeast Asia to become a stock photography model and dinner theatre dancer. Unable to get the Cinderella gig at Tokyo Disney, she instead moved to Australia, where she became a stripper and immediately fell in love with the job as an amusing and lucrative way to survive - even thrive - within the confines of patriarchal capitalism. 

Frances moved to New York in 2012, where she met her wife Danielle and began writing her first book, The Beaver Show: The Crass and Inspiring Saga of an Enterprising Megababe. No one cared to publish it once it was done, so she began drawing comics and doing standup comedy. In the true stripper spirit of entrepreneurship, however, Frances self-published The Beaver Show in 2015, and has since published four more titles including the crowd-funded illustrated stripper anthology, STRIPTASTIC! A Celebration of Dope-Ass Cunts who like Money. Also in 2015, she began producing and headlining Venus Fly Trap, a sex-positive comedy show with Rachel Green that tours internationally.

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Tasha AKA Layla

For the past 10 years, Tasha has travelled the country dancing in different clubs, Always returning to her home club in Portland Oregon. Tasha is a mother to two amazing twins as well as a partner and student. She’s finishing her health coaching degree in the fall and will be offering coaching on creating and maintaining a healthy life. Tasha also started A.amore kitchen after being inspired by cooking and creating food for people that she loved. She specializes in meal prepping and catering. The food that Tasha makes is full of love and flavor and her professionalism will leave any event amplified. Tasha’s inspiration comes from wanting to see others succeed in healthy ways. Listen in on how she manages her busy life and her advice on how you can too.

“This is what you choose to do. If your happy and healthy with it, and your still making healthy chooses for yourself then, rock out.” Tasha

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Romina Queens of the Underworld

Romina Rosales is a trauma informed mindfulness facilitator who catalyzes her gift of empathy to heal workers. She uses all different techniques to help femmes create boundaries and coping skills. Her own trauma has led her down a path of self healing which inspired her to create Queens of the underworld, a community where femme sex workers can access coping skills and self care resources.

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Sita Kaylin

Sita Kaylin was born and raised in San Francisco. She found stripping while attending college and felt the financial freedom powerful. Her 27 year career has bloomed from dancing to full service work that inspired a Memoir (Anything But A Wasted Life) and screenplays that give people a glimpse into the in-depth relationships and scenarios of her life and experiences in the sex industry. Sita’s raw honesty and playfully joking spirit makes her writing humanizing and connecting for people in and out of the industry. Check out her ever evolving career. @

“I always say money isn’t happiness, but it sure the fuck is freedom.” Sita Kaylin

self portriat by : Sita Kaylin

self portriat by : Sita Kaylin

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Erin AKA Couture Confections LA

Erin is a striving business woman with a talent and taste for baking up the most delicious cupcakes you’ll ever taste. Erin is a mother as well as a student studying sociology and social work. Her goals are to reform and advocate for school districts in marginalized communities to create a platform for children and teachers to be more successful.

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Monique Calderon

Monique Calderon is an inspiring force from east Los Angeles, passionate about teaching woman and youth about self love and self worth. Her powerful story gives an honest account of her experience and where desperation can lead people in this industry. She was inspired by her life to dive in and discover what self worth meant to her. Monique’s TEDX talk on worth has moved people all over the world. Monique is now an educational trainer with treasures for women and youth in and out of the industry. She is in creation of a new project called The Love Movement, specifically focused on youth in Latino communities to help them discover and uncover their self worth and self love.

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Vyper Strike AKA Heather

Vyper is a powerful woman who has been creating her own path since she was a child. Vyper is now a massage therapist/ reiki healer and part-time stripper who uses her powers of healing to transform her clients lives, in and out of the club. Listen to her story and learn how you can get bodywork from her yourself.

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Lux ATL/Lindsey Byron, Ph.D.

Lux ATL is a pole dancer with a PhD, a former English professor and lifelong exotic dancer turned professional pole performer, instructor, writer, and speaker. She is activist for women’s empowerment through radical expression of the sensual self. 

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Sacred Stripper/ Amira Al-Baladi

“My name is Amira Al-Baladi and I am the Sacred Stripper, Sensual Healer, Palestinian Princess and Decolonized Porn Star. I provide spiritual healing services to adult industry workers and I train sex trade workers holistic healing techniques so they can heal themselves and others. My goal is to: minimize the harm that sex workers and adult entertainers experience on the job, provide a supportive place for us to heal inside ourselves and together in community and, to recognize sex workers as sensitive, empathetic healers who have many spiritual gifts and contribute positively to the culture.”

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Christina Najera

Over 15 years in the industry, Harlow has become a wealth of knowledge that will help anyone one in and out of the industry. Now a full time student majoring in psychology and minoring in Neuroscience, Harlow shares her brilliance with us and so many laughs. Listen and learn with this magical creature.

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Sexy JC Black

A mother, friend, business owner, wife and, stripper. JC has balanced her career as a full time stripper for over 20 years. Listen to how this wonder woman creates success in her life and gracefully shares how we can all help facilitate change.

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Nikki Lev

A profound mover in the performance community, Nikki has spent the past 10 years cultivating and creating shows that stun and radicalize our industry. This performing goddess had laid ground breaking work in Portland for many LGBQT strippers/sex workers to have places and spaces to perform.

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Kiki LeMiau

Kiki is a powerful performer from Portland Oregon who’s theatrical stage performance thrills the crowd. Listen and learn more about kiki, a beautifully dynamic human and her journey into the world of professional seduction.

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Soren High

Soren aka Fragile.Bird.Bones is a yogic stripper who embraces her vulnerability and shares it with all of us. Her choice to share her journey via social media has inspired and influenced thousands of people around the world. Listen in to learn about Soren’s journey with her own mental illness, anxiety and depression. And how she continues to pursue her dreams and sexy new clothing line Hot.Mango.Undies. “You’re not advice to people out there struggling with mental illness, keep talking..and don’t just talk to anyone. Talk to someone who will listen.” Soren explains.

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Christina Najera