Tasha AKA Layla

For the past 10 years, Tasha has travelled the country dancing in different clubs, Always returning to her home club in Portland Oregon. Tasha is a mother to two amazing twins as well as a partner and student. She’s finishing her health coaching degree in the fall and will be offering coaching on creating and maintaining a healthy life. Tasha also started A.amore kitchen after being inspired by cooking and creating food for people that she loved. She specializes in meal prepping and catering. The food that Tasha makes is full of love and flavor and her professionalism will leave any event amplified. Tasha’s inspiration comes from wanting to see others succeed in healthy ways. Listen in on how she manages her busy life and her advice on how you can too.

“This is what you choose to do. If your happy and healthy with it, and your still making healthy chooses for yourself then, rock out.” Tasha

Christina Najera