Jacq The Stripper

Jacqueline Frances is a Canadian stripper, comedian, artist and author. Born in Ontario in 1987, Frances was a passionate dancer and painter from toddlerhood. She attended McGill University from 2006 to 2009, where she majored in Russian Literature and Cultural Theory. After graduating, Frances worked in advertising for a few months before throwing it all away to travel to Southeast Asia to become a stock photography model and dinner theatre dancer. Unable to get the Cinderella gig at Tokyo Disney, she instead moved to Australia, where she became a stripper and immediately fell in love with the job as an amusing and lucrative way to survive - even thrive - within the confines of patriarchal capitalism. 

Frances moved to New York in 2012, where she met her wife Danielle and began writing her first book, The Beaver Show: The Crass and Inspiring Saga of an Enterprising Megababe. No one cared to publish it once it was done, so she began drawing comics and doing standup comedy. In the true stripper spirit of entrepreneurship, however, Frances self-published The Beaver Show in 2015, and has since published four more titles including the crowd-funded illustrated stripper anthology, STRIPTASTIC! A Celebration of Dope-Ass Cunts who like Money. Also in 2015, she began producing and headlining Venus Fly Trap, a sex-positive comedy show with Rachel Green that tours internationally.



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